The modern way to remove unwanted hair
How does iPulse work?

Forget all those slow and painful ways of treating unwanted body hair-like waxing, depilatory creams, electrolysis and lasers. We can offer you the ultimate treatment in modern light-based systems. It’s called iPulse and is simply the quickest, safest and most convenient method of hair removal ever created. It uses a technology known as ‘intense pulsed light’. iPulse destroys the cells that produce a hair by introducing pulses of light and heat energy into the hair follicle. Whilst your blood naturally keeps your skin cool, all the heat is absorbed by the hair, causing the follicle to die-and preventing another hair from re-growing. This process is typically many times faster than traditional light-based treatments.
Is it completely safe? With iPulse, you can have confidence in a system proved to give complete and beautiful results. Our therapists have been properly trained to use the iPulse equipment, which is designed with your comfort very much in mind. The treatment is non-invasive with the whole technology based on significantly reducing the growth of unwanted hair without damaging the skin. iPulse is a registered trademark and patented technology of CyDen Limited.

How does it feel… will it be painful? A slight tingling sensation best describes the feeling during iPulse treatment. This is minimised by a special cooling gel applied just before the session starts. iPulse is infinitely more comfortable and quicker than oldfashioned methods of hair removal like waxing and electrolysis. The handset used to apply iPulse to your skin is a neat, lightweight device that requires minimal pressure. It does though emit a strong, bright light-that’s why both you and the consultant need to wear anti-glare eyeshields during treatment.
After treatment, some people experience a slight reddening and warming of the skin, especially on more sensitive parts of the body (a little like how you can feel after spending time in the sun). This should be no cause for alarm and the effect will soon die down. The modern way to remove unwanted hair. What areas can be treated with iPulse. Unwanted hair can easily be removed from all parts of the body-including legs, chin, upper lip, bikini line, back and underarm. Indeed, the only areas that cannot be treated are over tattoos, immediately around the eyes and over the red of the lips. Just in case there is any adverse reaction, a quick patch test is always carried out prior to any course of treatment.
Does it matter what skin or hair colour I am? Whatever your skin-or hair colour-iPulse is the most gentle and efficient system of its kind available. Dark hair on light skin is the easiest to treat, but the beauty of iPulse is that it the consultant is able to adjust the settings to the perfect level to suit any type ofskin/hair combination. Only white or grey hair does not respond to any intense light or laser treatment.
How long does an iPulse session take? You will be amazed at how quickly and completely iPulse works!Here are some typical treatment times (excluding initial consultation):- face, underarm 20-30 minutes per treatment- bikini line, lower leg 45-60 minutes per treatment

How many treatments will I need?Normally, a total of 6-8 individual sessions would be required, usually carried out at 4-6 weekly intervals. Such a course should result in the long-term removal of the hair being treated. Top-up treatments are normally required once or twice a year depending upon body area.